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  [Log : 00 ] is an Action/Parkour game set up in a crooked and chaotic universe where nightmares can become reality.

You play as "Quasimodo" an agent of Engarden, who is tasked with making these nightmares disappear.

The game is inspired by some of my favorites games :

The action and narration are sequenced in small missions.
Each mission is separated in 3 phases :
Find,(get close to the danger, understand the situation and explore).
Fear,(Run Away ! find a solution to fight).
Fight.(Time to erase the Nightmares!).

  Personal note :
What i'm trying to create here is really one of my dream games.
I'm working mu butt off to make it the best i can and i hope you'll enjoy it !
Even if it still is a work in progress I’m proud of what I’ve done so far and I want to continue working on this project with the same mindset: that is why your support is crucial for enabling me to continue to work on it and work on it properly.

See ya !


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Side1 (DEC 2021) 542 MB
Tutorial (DEC 2021) 500 MB
Archive 194 MB

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all of your games are so impressive for indie game. I wonder what you could accomplish if you had a big budget like the ones Epic is giving out to people.

haha thank you !
I wonder too >_> ...


what about this kind of grant program? but you have to use unreal obviously



I tried to make a gameplay video of this game for my channel but ended up changing my mind and decided to make one when there is more features and game there to explore. I can't wait to see what you come up with, so far I played what I could and it seems like a lot of fun! It's a cool idea! When there is more to the game I'll be one of the first to make a video of it! Until then, I patiently wait for the day! (:

Oh thanks ! :D
Yeah the game doesn't have much content for the moment but i hope you will enjoy what's slowly coming. :)


It's very promising, I can't wait to see where you take it. 


i really like the character model and animations. keep posting progress!!

Yeah ! :D