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An excellent game... which is very original ! :)
Designs are clearly beautiful, we see the lot of work behind this game ! The musics are very professional and look good with the atmosphere :D
There are few bugs but it doesn't degrade the gameplay.

I've noticed a bug, when you die as your sword is returning to you when executing special attack 2, you will respawn with a second spinning sword directly in front of you.

I'm not sure if this has any effect on gameplay, it just looks cool.

Haha I've never had this one !
It's doesn't impact gameplay normally ><
Thanks for the notification ! :D

ummm.... why the game sometimes appear this strange white screen whenever I pause it?  I have to do the level all over again... please fix


Oh shit this thing is here Again !?
I will see what i can do, but this thing is a real mystery when it come to why it appear >< !


yeah it's a bit  annoying  ...  but I finished  it anyway.   Luv ur game btw 100/10   

Thanks ! :D
I'm trying  to find a way to correct this "white screen issue" ! :)


Pasan muchas cosas y no se entiende ninguna.

jajaja confirmo